$2.50 Dog Cookie VS. $250 Dog Cookie

– Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka and in this video I’m gonna show you a $2.50 dog cookie versus a $250 dog cookie. Well, kinda cake, still cookie-like. This is the $2.50 dog cookie. I mean look at this, it’s a real peanut butter cookie with dog ingredients. I mean, does that not look delicious? You could eat that. You literally can eat that. Look at this guy. (laughs) He could eat that. Okay, bud. Full disclosure, I bake these in my store. It’s called The Dog Bakery in Los Angeles and we ship out thousands and thousands of these across the nation. Our ovens are working full time. So, I’m a little bias, I love these because I’ve seen
them work so much for dogs but I mean, it’s a peanut butter cookie and dogs love them and they taste delicious. Check this out. (upbeat music) You can even eat it. It’s good. It tastes like a peanut butter cookie. (laughs) That’s not for me, is it? Here you go, buddy. Good boy, good boy. So that is a $2.50 dog cookie. Now it’s not just for one, we typically ship ’em out in half dozens and barker’s dozens in boxes like these. So Rocky, what makes a $250 dog cookie? First let me tell ya how it started. There’s this dog named Panda. And Panda, she is beautiful. She’s got those bandit eyes to die for and a personality that
you just fall in love with and you just melt when you meet her. And my friends Mike
and Mona just love her. Now Mike and Mona are
experts in their field, but if you really get to know ’em, you know that one of the
biggest loves of their life are dogs and helping dogs and dog rescue. And to me, that means a lot. One, we’re friends because
Mike O’Hearn and myself we’re pretty much
body-type wise, identical. (record scratches) (laughs) By the way, Mona could
kick both of our butts at literally at the same time. You can’t always get me in the bakery. Now we have our ovens
going all of the time and we’re shipping out thousands of cakes, whether you live in Idaho or you come into the
bakery in Los Angeles, your dog can have a fresh baked
cake with their name on it. But for me to get in the kitchen and do a special, custom-made cake, it takes a lot. ‘Cause I’m working on
my show, Dog’s Day Out, if you haven’t seen that,
make sure you check it out. I’ll put a link down below. But that doesn’t always
leave me a lot of time to get in my bakery and
make custom-made cakes. But I also had my wife Kelly, and the general manager, Coomi jump in the kitchen with me to help because I needed the whole team in there if we were gonna be able to pull this off because we did something
pretty cool with this cake. This is Panda. I’m literally just gonna try and shape this right here as Panda. Wish me luck. (inspiring guitar music) – [Helper] Should be narrower, right? – Yeah. True art right there, true art. If you don’t see it yet, just trust me. That’s the thing with
a lot of these cakes. It just takes a lot of man hours. It’s not as simple as just
throwing a human cake together because you’re making it for dogs so you’re using different ingredients that are harder to work with. And I just knew that the thing that would make this cake really special was just making the
hair of a husky, right? And that’s not easy but when you think a husky, what do you think right? You think beautiful eyes, you think just that fluffy hair so I knew we had to pull it off and right away we started
running into problems. We got a special pastry tip
that would make it really fine. It wasn’t fine enough
because the frosting, I don’t know, maybe chunky
isn’t the right word but I mean look, it’s
not fine enough for hair like a normal sugar frosting would. What’s going on here? – Startin’ over on the piping. (laughs) – [Rocky] Why? – Wasn’t lookin’ right. – [Rocky] So you’re using the thick piping versus the thin so we switched over to a smaller needle but we spent quite a
bit of time making that and you know, whatever it
takes for these doggos, right? – Yup. (laughs) – You’re not smiling, though. (laughs) Oh, perfect. (upbeat piano music) When Mike O’Hearn and Mona Muresan called up and said, “Listen, we want a cake “and we want something special for Panda “because she is special to us” and they’re big dog people, I knew I had to take it next level because they really care about their dogs and they do a lot of really cool stuff for their dogs. Fresh truffles. Now these do not come cheap and they are delicious. I don’t know if you’ve ever
tried truffle mac and cheese or anything with truffle oil, but this is the real deal and if you know anything about dogs, you know that they let their nose lead. So I wanted something that
Panda would smell right away and she would really get
excited about this cake, so we’re going to put real
truffles in this cake mix. This has got to be the first time that real truffles have ever been put in a dog cake. Okay, so I’m not actually
going to put the truffles in the cake because I’m concerned that it will bake the smell away. What I’m gonna do instead, is I’m gonna chop it up and I’m gonna put it in the black frosting because you won’t be able to see it and that way the smell will
be on the outside of the cake in the frosting so Panda can get right to it. Okay, I’m no truffle expert and I don’t have a truffle shaver so we’re just gonna use this giant knife and hope it works out. We’re gonna chop it
into really fine pieces. This is more about the smell. Okay, I did warm them up
in the oven a little bit just to release the aroma and you can see this actual oil in there was released a little bit but we just didn’t cook it that much. Alright, let’s do this. Here we go. That’s money right there. How does a dog cookie become $250? Well, you make it into a cake. You spend hours and
hours making this cake. You put truffles in it. It’s almost priceless, right? The only concern is we have to be able to get it done in time. I mean, we’re going
late into the night now and it’s just the hair is taking forever. It’s just pull over pull over pull. But you know what, we were determined to
just keep working on this until we got it put together. Now the most important part will come in just a minute when we find out what Panda
actually thinks of it. If she likes the cake. We showed up to deliver the cake and Mike and Mona, they loved it. I’ve devised a system here. (laughs) It’s a special, unique
cake-holding system. It’s an expensive devised method. – No, it’s not. – [Mona] Oh my god. – I love this! Oh my, I didn’t know if you could do it, and you did it. And you did it even better than I thought. – Okay, you like it? – I love this! I love this! (“Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”) – So that’s the difference between a $2.50 dog treat
and a $250 dog treat. Which one do you think
your dog would choose? Okay, if you like the $250 dog treat better than the $2.50 dog treat, make sure you subscribe and if it’s the other way around, make sure you subscribe. There’s new news every Tuesday. A video’s gonna be out. Next Tuesday’s video is going to be the next episode
of Dog’s Day Out with Wade. Check him out on my Instagram and I will see you guys next Tuesday.

100 thoughts on “$2.50 Dog Cookie VS. $250 Dog Cookie

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