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– It’s a pretzel, En guard, birthday cake. – Darren’s mean, bring Justina back. (screams) I’ll take it back. – Basic.
– Basic. – Pause. – Bougie.
– Bougie. – Okay.
– Pause. – Basic.
– Basic. – We back. – Bougie.
– Bougie. – We really coordinated. – I think so.
– What is it? – Hey guys, welcome
back to Basic to Boujie. I’m Timothy De la Ghetto. – I’m Darry B Baby Brand. – You know what it is. We try three different versions
of two different foods, and we figure out that
sometimes the most basic food can be bougie. – Or that the most
bougie food can be basic. So we’re gonna start of with a little b. – Are we? – A little basic. David! – David! – Yeah I switched It up on him. – Switched it up. – Oh shit blind fold fool. – Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god, – Tim! – We forgot what we’re doing. Don’t open it yet – Don’t open it! – I’m not ready! – Okay open it. Here we go lets figure it out. – What is this? Its like a ham hock. – Tim!
– It’s a Honey Bay ham. – I know what it is Tim. – What? – Grab it. – Oh it’s a. – It’s a pretzel. – Yeah I like pretzels. – Everyone loves pretzels. Oh think about the kind we can get. They got the cinnamon
sugar, the regular salt. What if they give us a
pretzel with a hotdog in it? – Ooh. – Holy (beep) – Whoa – Basic. – Ahhh. – I love a good pretzel Tim. – Do you? – I’m excited. – You got really excited right now. – First of all, this is the
weapon of mad destruction. – Oh my God. – That’s what you don’t understand. – This is a steering
wheel off somebody’s car. – You could really like,
what you say to me? it’s over. So I think the fact that
we picked it up like this, this should be first. – Okay. – I’m excited about the pizza one. En guard. (laughs) We dropped the salt everywhere. – I know look at you. – Right, and then I think
this is the sweet one. So lets get this out the way. – So here’s my pretzel. (lion roar) – Oh I see you. (meow) – I’ll take these
pretzels ae true to size. – I don’t get it. – See that’s how you keep
your man, break it down , do a little dip. – You know what, it’s not great. – Don’t let the sauce fool you. – Uh huh. – The mustard is what saves it. Did you use the mustard. – Yeah I used the mustard. – That’s what saves it. – That is cardboard. – But it’s good though with the mustard. – I guess, throw it in the
microwave for a few minuets. – It’s got to be waved up. Lets go pizza, save the sweets for last. – Okay. Ooh, this is nice. – Is it warm? – Yeah it is warm actually. – Ooh. – Got some little bit of cheese. – Pepperoni. You can’t go wrong with that. You can’t mm. – It’s everything you expect. Nice and chewy and warm,
yeah, that’s great. (Bell rings) – [Recording] I’m so happy being (mumbles) – Now for desert. – That’s good. – Hmm. – You know it’s good, it’s cinnamon sugar. – Can’t go wrong with that, that’s nice. – It’s sweet sweet. – I love that, a little it ice cream. – Woo mm. – No not for you? – Nah with cream sauce,
like the Icing sauce. – I want some ice cream. – No the icing sauce. – I like icing sauce but I’m saying. – Ice cream, in cinnamon sweet pretzel? – Yeah fool what you mean? – We could pick this easy. – You think so?
– This is light work. – Okay.
– You think this is hard? – I’m trying to make a
decision here Darren. – Let’s do it, let’s make a decision. Most expensive on the
pretzels, does size matter? – Obviously not. (laughs) Biggest one was trash. – But is it the most
expensive because I feel like you gotta pay for this shit. – You think? – You not getting this for the low. – But it was so not good. (Bow and arrow sound effect) – Here we go most expensive. – Okay. – Second, I think we’re going more expensive with the sweets. – With the sweets? – Yeah. – Okay dog. So you’re saying, cheapest,
middle, most expensive. – Is that what I’m saying? What you think? You agree? – I mean okay (bleep) it. – You’re life is on
the line go what is it? Go! What is? Go! – Go!
– Ahhh Go! Go! – All right it’s on me. Dale! Pretzels. Spell pretzels Tim. – P-R-E zels. – Sh (bleep) no. Yes. I’m the greatest. Bitch! Cheapest, 5.50 peperoni pizza
from a chain pretzel shop. Boom, got it, locked it. – No that’s not what you said. – That is what I said. – Oh that is what you said. – Literally I’m gon slap the
(bleep) out of you just now. – 6.50 is cinnamon bites,
from a different chain, but still a chain, boom. – Boom. – And the most expensive, German pretzel, imported from Germany. – Damn, oh that’s why. – With grainy German mustard. – Hey well good job.
Darren is the pretzel king. – Take pretzel out, say it again. – Darren is the pretzel king. – Take pretzel out, say it again. – Now it’s time for the bougie round. All right so. – I’m good bro. – Darren’s feeling himself
because he’s the pretzel king. – You can’t just say king? – You the king… – Of pretzels
– Pretzels yeah I knew that. – It’s time for the bougie round. – I was already there. – Raheem. – Raheem, (laughs) – My brother from another mother. Obviously. – Ooh. This is a. – Why’s it so big? It’s cake. Is it a cake? – Is it, like what is it a cheesecake? – Nah, it’s some kind of… It’s birthday cake. Birthday cake! – Yay. – Whose birthday is it? It’s Basic to Bougie’s birthday. – Yay, three years. – Three year’s baby. – Happy three years. ♪ Happy birthday, happy birthday,
have a happy birthday. ♪ – You ready for this? Don’t be scared dog. – I’m just trying to
figure out why they put the sparkling (bleep) in front of me. – Because it’s your day Darren. – No it’s you put your
face towards it then. – I don’t care, I’ll take the wish then, one two three blow. – Why you all on me? You spitting on the cake. Tim. – Don’t blow block me. – Bitch. I ain’t no hoe. – I’m about to pass out. – Off looks. – Off looks? – Most expensive. – This crazy one, this
fashionable looking one. This is red velvet though. – Oh off rep, black
people love red velvet. – Do they? I didn’t know that. – Yeah. Let’s do it. I’m a man, cut your own cake. Oh you thought you were strong huh? Whole forearms stuck. Tim get your, Tim, Tim, here you go. Tim, Tim, Tim. – Here you go Darren just for you. Oh look at that, you got a
little struggle going on. (laughter) – You gotta put like
a whole forearm there. – You put your whole
fucking body resistance into that (bleep) – Okay it’s not working. – Hm. Oh that’s good. – Now that’s good cake. – That frosting is good,
or the icing is good. (Alarm bell) – This where all the moisture’s held. Within the cake. You hear that? – Right there. – Solid, thick. – Okay. What’s next? – Let’s go with the cyclone. All right for this one it
look like we need help. – Apparently we need some
assistance for this one. – Adele. – Adele. (laughs) – All right. – What are doing here? – Can you hand me the knife. – Yes ma’am, here you are. – What is that? – Is this a six layer cake? – Okay and then we’ll open it up. – Okay so you already cut
it right, stop stop stop. Just pick it up. – All right pick it up ready? What is this? (gasps) – Mm it’s chocolate. – This is diabetes, if
I ever knew diabetes. – You wanna lady and the tramp it? – No, no. no.
– Okay. – Just break it. – You sure? – I’m positive. – Ahhh man, look. – That’s your fault, that’s
your fault, you took too long. – No you right you right you right. – Oh my god. You get the sprinkles and the MnM. Bite in the middle. Yeah, yeah, that’s my boy. Come on now, talk to me, talk to me. Pose for it, let’s just
pose for it real quick. (camera clicks) I love it. – That’s great. – Bougie-est, most expensive. (classical music) – Your basic red velvet. – Red… Your basic red velvet. – Red velvet. (laughs) – A little cream cheese icing. – Yeah, ooh. (gasps) – Red velvet is just chocolate though. – Yeah with red dye . Here you go. – You touched it.
– I did? – Yeah. – Oh so you can’t touch me now. That came out wrong. Here you go cut your own slice. – I’m trying, God you’re mean. – I’m trying. – You’re mean this season, Darren’s mean. Bring Justina back. – Take it back. – I’m sorry, I’ve seen this
and I’ve thought of Justina. – Take it back. – I take it back! – All right. – God. – This is good. – Yeah. – This is really good. I’ll put that back. – Okay. – Let’s pick. Boom. – Okay. – Perfect bitch. – I’m cool with that. – We locked in? – Locked in. – Most expensive six
layer, marble, sprinkle… – You’re just making this
up, but that one yeah. – Chocolate candy cake. – Uh-huh. – Middle, red velvet two
layers, cream cheese. – Mm hmm. – Birthday cake. – Three layers on that one. – Three layers. Raheem. My brother you’re gon get
some (bleep) after this. – Yeah, not me though I’m married. So we’re gon get some (bleep) after this. (laughter) – $12 red velvet from a grocery store. Damn it was so good though. – That cake is great, that didn’t come from no grocery store. – $75, three layer vanilla
cake, with sprinkles, from the local bakery. More like pound cake than a regular cake. So that’s why it was so dense. – Pound. How much is that bad boy. – One thousand. – One thousand! oh, you playing. Thousand dollars. – $150, cookies and cream
cake, stuffed with sprinkles, from a specialty bakery in New York City. – (mumbles) Move this out the way. We are the cookies and cream. Pose with this Tim. – Okay damn. – We did that, we was wrong. – Yeah? – I said we did it we was wrong. – Yeah, I know I was
confused by that yeah. – But we got this right. – I mean it was pretty obvious. – Clearly. – We didn’t really do anything here. – This I’m not too. – (sighs) that’s tough man,
because it’s all just sweet. – Everything. – Even this, honestly, if it didn’t have the crazy presentation, and the candy pinata spilling out I wouldn’t have been able to tell. – That’s diabetes right there. – You okay? – Yeah my neck. Make you subscribe, hit the
little bell, ding a ling thing, for notifications. – Down here.

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