#1 Way To Eat Pizza AND Lose FAT! 😍🍕

Hey, everybody out there. Coach Dan Long, here with
the Over 40 Protocol. And if you’re like me
and you love pizza, then I have something
special for you today. Because today, I have
something brand spanking new that has taken 20-plus
years to create. And it’s at this
link in a second. Don’t click it just yet. Because I want to talk to you
about these kind of foods, pizza. Can you have pizza? You’ve been told, on every
one of your low-carb diets, that you cannot have pizza. You see this? Protein and carbs. Huge for having a flat
stomach or six-pack abs. I just had, literally, pizza
within the last 12 hours. Yes. And I have a flat stomach. Why? And I’m over 40. I’m 46 years old. So if you’re over 40, and
you are in your 50s, 60s, I don’t care what it
is, but you’re over 40, this is for you. I am so frustrated. I’ve been in the fitness
industry for over 20-plus years and I can tell you low carb
diets are such a temporary fix. And you cannot
live– listen to me– cannot, cannot live on
a low-carb diet forever. So high-carb cheat
meals, like pizza, you can have them but you
have to do it strategically. So I’m breaking
the news right now. And that’s why we
spent 20-plus years creating a brand new
system called the Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution. See, if you’re over 40, most
likely it’s not your diet. Most likely it’s not
your exercise program. And it’s not your fault. It is probably your hormones. Because of all those fad
diets– keto, paleo, vegan, Nutrisystem, TurboShakes– what’s happened is you
need to reset your hormones because your
hormones are tanking and they’re not boosting. So if you want to
boost your metabolism, boost your hormones, and
fight the aging process, and put high-carb cheat
meals back into your diet, you can do it strategically
by clicking the link below.

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  1. Hi. Do you guys ever go over diastasis recti in men? So many men over 40 that were overweight for year. Some men that had to have abdominal surgery like gallbladder removal, develop this as a result of a weakened abdominal wall as I did. After working out to lose weight, I noticed my belly hump during crunches. MD told me it was diastasis recti and abdominal contraction exercises like plankss makes it bigger. I'm really surprised by all the fitness folks on YouTube not addressing it in men.

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