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WHOA.M.G I’m Rox of RoxStarBakes and it is
Saturday. Do you know what that means? It’s time for a new project. I’ve really
been wanting to tackle a mermaid project. So, this week I’m going to make Gudetama
mermaid cupcakes. Let’s get into it. I’ll include the tool card at the end. Place
the template under a piece of parchment paper. I start the project by piping the
royal icing. I do this to give the royal icing pieces time to dry. You can use
your favorite royal icing. I use a number 3 tip and a coupler. Here’s a tip when
you’re not using the royal icing, you can keep it upside down in a pint glass
so it doesn’t spill out of the tip. Every once in a while I wipe off the excess
royal icing to keep the piping neat. By the way if you have a second please hit
the like or share this video so I can keep making new decorating or baking
videos every Saturday. Back to the tutorial. I get through piping the black
pieces before adding the inside of the mouth that’s white I make the royal icing pieces the day
before because it takes time to dry. Here are the seashells I found a seashell image and multiplied
it a bunch of times to make a template. And I use a medium stiffness royal icing. I use a toothpick to get out any bubbles If I hear from enough folks that you’d
like a royal icing video on how to and tip I can put something together. I didn’t do this here because a lot of
people have very similar recipes or may just buy it at a store. This takes about
an hour to dry. You might be wondering why royal icing over candy melts? I wanted to get a color that is really similar to the Gudetama mermaid plush. With royal icing, I can customize the
color. I think it’s easier to pipe directly over the template but I don’t
want to get in the way of your viewing. To emphasize the scales and to match the
Gudetama mermaid I use the same two colors white and yellow. Because I want
the edge to be yellow I use a butter knife to add yellow buttercream to one
of the creases of the piping bag. Then I add the white buttercream. Then I
place this piping bag into another piping bag with a coupler. The first tip
I use is for the feet portion of the tail. For this directionally it doesn’t
really matter where the yellow portion of the buttercream is. Then I use petal
tip to create the ruffles. For this you will want the yellow buttercream to be
along the thicker side of the petal tip. Here are some different sized petal tips
from Wilton and Atteco so you can see the thin side versus the thicker side. Just so you know the tips are not
one-for-one. A 103 Wilton tip is not going to be exactly the same as a 103 Atteco size. Now let’s get the cupcakes ready. For this project, I want a dome top
two cupcakes to have more surface area to work off of. To accomplish this, I
preheated the oven to 400 degrees and place the cupcakes in the center of the
oven. Then 5 minutes into baking, I lowered the temperature per the recipe. You may be tempted to open the door during the baking process but follow
your recipes timing before testing. Keep the oven light on to check the cupcakes. Typically I reserved the dome for muffins. Lemon cupcakes or vanilla
cupcakes are awesome for this project. If you’d like these I have a recipe in
how-to videos that I’ll link in the description below. I have two colors of frosting for the base. I keep them in piping bags so it’s
easier to frost them. So I pipe the two of colour. And then I use an
angled spatula to smooth everything out. When they’re done I set them in the
fridge for 10 minutes to firm I form the tail with buttercream. There
are two pieces of the tail. The leg part and the feet part. I use a 21 tip
to create the feet of the tail. Now I take the petal piping tip to make
ruffles for the tail. Then I add on the dry faces. Then I add the shelves. Keep in the fridge and take out an hour
before you’re ready to serve. Voila! Decorating success! Here is the tool card
saver screenshot for reference. Thank you so much for watching! I hope you have a
stellar week and I’ll see you here next Saturday. Bye!

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