? Cookie Monster cake using shag fur technique

Hey sugar! Welcome back! I’m Rox of
RoxStarBakes and this week I am decorating a Cookie Monster cake!
Cookie Monster is my inspiration, I even put on my happiest shirt for this
video. The technique that I’ll be using today is a shag cake (shag rug cake). Let’s get into it! Save this video or screenshot this tool
card. I find it helpful to have an outline next to the project I’m working
on I’m linking some of my best 9 by 13 sheet cakes and my Swiss meringue
buttercream recipe in the description below. I haven’t shared a chocolate-chip
cookie cake recipe because I’m not sure how much demand there is for recipes
over decorating tutorials yet. I think you’ll let me know in the comments below.
Grab an angled spatula to crumb coat the cake, any cookies of your choice, eye
sprinkles which i think you can find in any craft store and even the grocery
store, grass piping tip and a piping bag. Prep all these in advance so you’re
not rushing. This isn’t a literal Cookie Monster Cake just an interpretation so
it’s cool to keep it rustic. It’s a little abstract even though the cake is
being covered with buttercream / I still crumb coat this cake to lock in the
moisture. Once it’s crumbed, I refrigerate it for
15 minutes before piping on the fur cake. Okay so here’s how I pipe it. I place the
tip against the cake and apply pressure when I get to half of the length that I
want the fur to be, I stop applying pressure and pull away more fur will
continue coming out. I see that Wilton makes disposable grass piping tips which
is really convenient for this type of project. Essentially the base of this
cake is a shag cake or a shag carpet cake (or a shag rug cake).
It’s really fun to make. I cover all of the sides first. Here’s another tip and I
know I say this in my other videos but when you’re decorating a sheet cake it’s
really helpful to use a bottom of the cake that touches the cake pan while
it’s baking as the surface of the cake. Then the surface area you’re decorating
on is completely flat. That’s half the work right there! For more tutorials like this, give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe and tag me on your projects on Instagram or
Facebook @RoxStarBakes #RoxStarBakes I like to decorate a lot
of sheet cakes because I know that not everyone has round cake pans. I know I
didn’t when I first started decorating cakes. This cake is easy, quick and fun
for all of the friends and moms out there who want a cake that’s easy but
fast. If you make this cake you can definitely make the fur a lot bolder in
color but I wanted to go easy on the food coloring. Random but who’s your
favorite Sesame Street character? Tip! I use Swiss meringue buttercream and
it’s a perfect texture for me. If you have hot hands and only one tip having a
coupler is really helpful. If you don’t have one have no worries split your
buttercream into two or three piping bags that way you can alternate the
buttercream bags inside of the outside layer connected to the piping tip. When I
sketched out this cake and was looking up Cookie Monster, I think that Cookie
Monster has fur that’s a little scruffy so I made the furs different lengths. I
keep the cake on a cooling rack but if you’re bringing this to a party I would
transfer the cake to a cake board. If you’re not serving the same day this
will keep refrigerated for three days whichever of my cake recipes you’re
using especially my Swiss meringue buttercream take out three hours before
serving to get to the perfect temperature and texture; two hours in a
hot climate or a sunny day. Fun fact Cookie Monster’s birthday is November
2nd When the fur done, randomly placed the
cookies and eye sprinkles. I recommend keeping the eye sprinkles together
because when they’re random it seems more like a Halloween monster cake than
a cookie monster cake. The cookies that I use are Oreos, Teddy Grahams, Chips Ahoy,
mini chocolate chips, and mini Oreos. The tan Oreo cookies that I use for the
cakes are actually S’Moore’s s’mores Oreos without our seasonal. Also the
Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies our s’mores Chips
Ahoys. To keep this cake from getting too busy I try to keep the colors in the
same color family. Decorating success! “Om nom nom nom” Me eat cookie!! I could
imagine Cookie Monster eating cookies off this cake right now. Thank you so much for watching! I hope
you have a stellar week and I will see you next Saturday! Bye [blooper]

5 thoughts on “? Cookie Monster cake using shag fur technique

  1. I love that you do sheet cakes! I make a lot of layer cakes just for fun, but sheet cakes are much easier to transport and serve for general functions.

    I would definitely like to see recipes for various flavors of cakes. Regardless of how cute the cake is, the flavor is where it’s at!

    Have you listed what sheet pan you use? I need a good one with straight sides.

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