🍕BIG BATCH FREEZER COOKING | Homemade Pizza Dough | Bread Machine Recipes

– Okay friends, I’m back
today with what is my apparent big batch freezer cooking
series that I accidentally on purpose have found
myself doing while I’m home with five children for about three days, ages 10 and under. My husband has taken teens out of town to do an activity for about three days. So, I’ve been workin’ on a blog called “Five Kids for 72 Hours” and sharin’ different fun things going on. However, in my YouTube
schedule in my head, you’ve already seen that, I see you! So ya know, the rainy day continues. The kids are playin’ with a
fun rainy day fort over there. I tried yesterday to get a bunch of pizza dough for the freezer going. I did end up with enough pizza dough to do two large pizzas
for dinner last night. Then my friend came for a while and I forgot about my bread machines. The rest of my dough didn’t turn out ’cause I let it sit too long. I think that was the problem. Or I didn’t turn it on. I still don’t know, so just whatever. Brand new day, gonna get
the bread machines going with this pizza dough. It is freezer friendly and
we’re gonna make a bunch of it. I’m gonna film it and I’m gonna show ya all the step this time. So if you’re new here,
my name’s Jamerrill. I’m a momma, I’ve got a family of 10. Teenagers all the way
down to two year old. What else can I tell ya? Yeah, so 10 people. We work from home, school from home. I only know mega and lots. We do lots of food all the time. My heart is to help you feed your people. Here we go. We’re gonna get these
bread machines goin’ again. Don’t judge for how dirty
they are on the inside. Send help to come over and
clean my bread machines, uh huh. So as always, this is my one I bought new about four years ago. This is my bread machine I found at the thrift store for about 2.99, $2.99, also about four years ago. ‘Cause I started on this
one and I was like oo, 2.99, I’m addin’ another. I’m gonna get bread goin’
in both bread machines. So, the first thing I’m
gonna do in each of my pans is just give ’em a spray
with non-stick spray. It’s just what I do. The next thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna put a cup and a half of warm
water in each bread machine. Next, I’m gonna put in
three tablespoons of oil. I have, it’s extra
light olive oil on hand, so this is what I’m usin’. So, that is a nice thing about
havin’ two bread machines. When I do one, I can
just as easily step over to the side and do the next one. So each of these will make enough dough for one large pizza. Okay and this is where I haven’t had any real sugar in the house. Next step is two tablespoons of sugar. I had a little bit of brown
sugar left and I also have a bunch of confectioners
sugar that’s left over from Christmas baking and icing and such. So, yesterday when I made it, I did two tablespoons each of brown sugar. It just, it helps with the color and all the good pizza things. So, and now I like to, there’s a
pizza that I make for myself. It’s like a one mom serving. I make a low carb, trim
healthy momma pizza as I’m holding this bag of
brown sugar with lavish bread. So I might make that again
and show it in this video too, but there’s the brown sugars. So now each bread machine is gonna get a teaspoon of salt and if
you’re new to the bread machine, you just put them in, woo,
that got a little extra. Put them in, kinda layer
them in this order. For this pizza dough, it works wonderful. I don’t stir them or do
anything on my own with it. So, I have whole wheat flour. I also have some all purpose flour but, each bread machine is gonna
take three cups of flour. Sometimes I do a blend and I’ll
do two cups of all purpose, one cup of whole wheat. Sometimes I’ll do all whole wheat. Sometimes it’ll be all purpose. Sorry, my power is flickering. Stay with us, power. Now, last and most important ingredient. So now we are gonna do
two and a fourth teaspoons of this active dried yeast. Gonna shut my lids. See that, Benjamin? We’re shuttin’ the lid. You wanna shut that lid? Wow, now I gotta plug ’em in though. So, on this Breadman,
there is a setting that it’s number seven. Oh, you silly, ah! No!
– Ah! – Oh! Okay, I’m sorry buddy,
ya can’t, you can’t move. Which one is goin’? Okay. Stop, stop the toddler from
setting the bread machine. Okay, clear it, finally. Okay, so now, we’re gonna push it til it gets to number seven
which is for dough. We hit start, that is it. Then you put your baby on the counter. (laughs) Then, on this thrift store one, (beeping)
oh, I push it all the way down to dough and then we hit start. Here’s a little peek at the process. It’s gonna be a perfect little
dough ball here shortly. This machine is resting for a moment, but this will also be a perfect little dough ball here shortly. Okay, so don’t mind the
big pot on the stove. That’s some soup I’ve got going on that has nothin’ to do with this pizza video. But, gotta get these pizza
doughs out of the bread machines. The bread machines
beeped a few minutes ago. And so, whenever ya open it
up, it’s just like a sticky, sticky mess of dough here. I don’t have any flour quickly available. Sometimes I’ll put some flour on my hands ’cause that helps with the stickiness. But as I say, I just don’t
have it in front of me. I’m gonna get this off my hands. So, what I like to do is I
will put both pizza dough balls in here then I will get some more going. Now, let’s see. Now I can reach my flour. So anytime you’re dealing with
dough that’s a little sticky, put a little flour on your hands, a little flour on the
dough and I’m gonna let these sit in this big bowl here. They will continue to rise some before I wrap ’em up for the freezer. That one in there and now, my other one. And so, can you see that? There you go, okay. It was pretty tall, I was
just trying to show you that. This time, I’ll get
some flour on my hands. You don’t always need
that, you just don’t know. These little dough hooks come off. So you get those off. So there you go. So there’s the other. This is enough dough for a large pizza. We will do some pizzas
tonight as well but again, I’m hopin’ to keep my little bread making assembly line going. If I could put at least
six in the freezer, eight, 10, 12, that’s what my big batch cooking mama heart would love to do. These next two that I
make may end up bein’ for dinner tonight and then I’ll just see how long we can keep this going. So let me get the next ingredients in. For my bread that’s just gonna sit here, I cover it with a towel. Just like a clean, dry towel. There we go. It’ll just sit there and
be happy and like it. Then I will roll that up and
package it for the freezer by the time these next two are done. It takes about an hour or
so for the whole process with the bread machine but
I like it ’cause again, I’m just layering in
ingredients and I’m goin’ on with my bad self doin’ other things and then I come back,
the pizza dough is done, get some more goin’, get
the assembly line workin’. (upbeat music) I got two large pizzas done. I’m going to get these in the oven. They’re gonna be in at 450 and we’re gonna have us
some pizza for dinner. Next up I’m gonna do is
I got a lotta requests to show how I did the lavish bread pizza. I’m going to do that after
I get these in the oven. (upbeat music) I’m servin’ up pizza. Here’s how it’s lookin’. Got another one in the oven. Just took out the lavish bread. And then here is the lavish bread pizza. So it’s lavish bread, pizza sauce, some shredded cheese, pepperoni in the oven at 450 for about 4 to 5 minutes. Super easy. I love it. Recipe will be linked down
in the description below. Then here is the second large pizza I just took out of the oven. Yes and amen. Homemade large pizza. So, momma got her pajamas and her robe on, you know it’s serious. I had two pizza dough
balls done from earlier and two more that just got done. Of course I cooked two for
dinner so that’s six total. I’m going to get these four wrapped up and get two more going
on the bread machines. It could be that by the time I, before I turn into a
pumpkin tonight as I say, before bed I might actually have eight for the freezer which would be nice. (upbeat music) So I just finished these two pizzas. These were with the all purpose flour. So these are ready to be
wrapped up in the freezer. And then these two with
the whole wheat flour, these are gonna sit in the bowl. They’re still a little sticky. Not gonna mess with them anymore. They’re gonna sit in a bowl and be covered with a towel while our next two loaves get goin’ in the bread machine. What I like to do is I wrap them in plastic wrap and then foil, then plastic wrap again and then I put them in a freezer bag. I’m out of foil. I know, I can’t believe it. So, I’m just going to
wrap them really well in plastic wrap and get
’em in the freezer bag and I know we’re gonna
eat these pizzas within the next few weeks so, just
not gonna worry about it ’cause again we always work
with what we have on hand, make the best with what we have. I just don’t have any
foil, so there’s that. So today is Monday. We’re up havin’ breakfast. Start of a brand new day
and I am here rollin’ up the rest of the dough from the pizzas that got made the night before. We’ll roll these up and get
these in the freezers as well. Actually, since today my husband
and the teenagers are home, and they didn’t get pizza for the weekend, everyone is requesting
homemade pizza for lunch today so I guess we’ll just spin
that record one more time but I’m determined to keep
these bread machines goin’ over I’m thinkin’ Monday and Tuesday. Now, you know my goal was to get six to eight rolls of pizza dough
in the freezer for later. Now I’m thinkin’ could I get 20? If I could get 20 rolls of
pizza dough in the freezer, that really would take care of our family’s homemade pizza needs for up to the next two months or so. Okay guys, the hard
truth with batch cooking is as you make it of course, you have to like fight against the fact that your family wants to eat it too. So, hold on a minute. After all this pizza cooking
I’ve got six large pizzas. These are goin’ in the freezer, but I’m gonna get the bread machines goin’ because we have pizza on our minds. We’re havin’ another friend come over to play this afternoon. Okay, so our Monday is aflowin’. Still haven’t got any
farther on that pizza. Hopefully this shows you when you get a batch cooking project going, you just pick away at it as you can. So I’m gonna get more pizza dough going in the bread machines but I know that’s for my husband and teens who are gone all weekend who didn’t get any of this pizza that
I’ve been slowly workin’ on. As I said we did get six in the freezer, so I’m gonna make some more now and then we’ve got friends comin’ over, we got dinner, TaeKwonDo tonight. Maybe I can get some more going while we’re gone at TaeKwonDo, some more going before bedtime. I’m tellin’ ya my goal has changed now. I am getting 20 in the freezer. So that means I need to make 14 more. I can still do math. Did I do that math? I did it. As I’ve already mentioned, I use a variety of combinations with whole wheat
flour or all purpose flour with this bread machine pizza dough. One thing I wanted to mention and some of these things I don’t know until like I get workin’ with it
again and I think oh, that’s a tip I should share with you. So if I use three cups
of all purpose flour in this bread machine pizza dough recipe, many times when the all purpose flour pizza dough comes out it’s wetter. And so whenever I put it in the bowl I need to mix up to a half a cup or so, it’s eye ballin’ school of
extra just dry flour with it and it’s super sticky and such, and that just works the stickiness out and helps the pizza dough
live a better life in general. That’s how I’ll explain that. Whenever I do, like we’ll say
two cups of whole wheat flour, one cup of all purpose flour, it doesn’t need as much flour. When it comes out it’s a little bit, when I say drier it’s perfect, it’s not as wet as when I’m
using just all purpose flour. The science behind that,
maybe I need to use a little less water, like
maybe half a cup less water whenever I work with
the all purpose flour, however I just stick to
my same basic recipe, I do my Jamerrill eye ballin’ school and I don’t change anything except I know when there’s all purpose
flour pizzas come out, again it’s gonna be a wetter dough and I’m gonna need to add some
more flour at the end there. Does that make sense? And I might actually just to show you, I’ve gotta get some
more whole wheat flour. Let’s see, I think I have, probably have a cup or so left. So, maybe since I’ve told you this I will make two with all
purpose flour to show ya, to show you what I mean. Now on to the step where I need three cups all purpose flour for each. Again, it’s just, it’s somethin’ that I don’t think about anymore whenever I’m doing bread
machine pizza dough, but it’s something that if you do my recipe for the first time
and you use all purpose flour, you may say Jamerrill my dough is too wet, I don’t know what to do or blame me. I’m gonna get blamed for the pizza. Pizza shame. Oh that’s what we’ll call it
could be pizza shame right? Because I often use whole wheat flour I forget about that as well and I’m sure in the comments we’ve got bakers, we have real chefs, not just momma chefs who watch these videos and share lots of helpful information in the comments. So you can just let us know your bread machine pizza dough
tips and tricks as well that this recipe is excellent,
does work, tried and true. It’s just that extra little trick if you use all all purpose flour. More afternoon confessions
from Jamerrill’s kitchen. These lovely six pizzas
we got in the freezer? Yeah, well, maybe we’re
gonna put three back. They hadn’t been in there too long but I just realized this is again real life kitchen talk momma, just got these bread machines going. Wanted to get them started this morning. It’s now one o’clock between life. I didn’t get the bread machines going until right now when you watch me. Friends are almost here,
another roof quote guy comin’, Travis will be back home soon. So, it’s gonna be lunch for 12 to 13. So, three large pizzas doesn’t seem like enough for 13 people but I have carrots and I have ranch. So we’ll add that along as a side. What I’m going to do though is besides my two pizzas with the round pizza pans, I’m also gonna do a sheet pan pizza. Oh yes. What am I gonna do different? Not much else. I’m going to make my pizza in the shape of a rectangle and stretch
it out over my sheet pan but I just thought it’d
be fun to also show ya yet another way we can
use this pizza dough that’s the same but slightly different. (gentle music) And I am just dusting this dough with some garlic powder and I’m gonna sprinkle some oregano on. (gentle music) Perfect. So you spread out the sauce, top it with the rest of
our cheese and then use the last of those pepperonis and yay. I’m going to get this big
sheet pan pizza in the oven. This is the equivalent
of two large pizzas. Oh, I just had an idea. You could make a smiley face pizza. Amelia’s smiley face pizza. Yay. Okay, so you saw those lunch
for, those pizza’s for lunch. I almost said lunch for pizza. Naomi’s cuttin’ ’em. Anyway, the all white purpose
flour dough is now out. I’m gonna cover it with a towel and it’s gonna rise
for about another hour, hour and a half, then we
will finally bag it up. This is a ball of the
whole wheat pizza dough that came out of the bread machine. Just, I just pulled it on out like that and then this is a lot softer. This is the all purpose flour dough and I probably ended up
adding about another cup or so of flour to this
when I pulled it out. Still worked out just fine. Little messy. When you get messy work with dough you just throw some flour on it. It’ll all work out in the end. And then this is, I mean how many low carb lavish bread pizzas can I eat
in a day and it still be okay? I don’t know, but I love it. So, this is my dinner now. My lavish bread pizza with
banana peppers and jalapenos. Let me know if you are a spicy pizza momma in the comments below also. Okay, so we got, let’s
see, lots of pizza here. I have in this bowl, I have
four, the dough for four. I have the dough for two more going. My freezer count, we
have two in the freezer that means after this
I’ll be back up to eight if I stop cookin’ pizza for my family. I think after three days of our pizza fest we should be good. Okay so, gettin’ ready to go to TaeKwonDo, not going to get this
flour on my uniform here. How much money you wanna bet on that? Wanted to show you what this bread looks like when it’s rising okay? So I’m gonna hold it up. There you go. So it’s just gonna keep
on rising and likin’ it while we are gone and
then the other dough, I didn’t experiment this time. I think it’s gonna work out well. It’s in reference to the all wheat flour. Why don’t I just go ahead
and tell you what it is. So the experiment is the way I do my recipe has always
been like for many years now, to do the three cups of flour. And I though since I’m
adding so much flour at the end when the all
purpose flour version of this pizza dough and
the bread maker comes out, why don’t I just add four cups of flour to start when I’m using exclusively all purpose flour and that’s what I did. And instead of having
real loose and wet dough, I have perfect pizza dough balls in these bread machines just as if I was using only whole wheat flour. I know, it’s amazing. So now I’m gonna finish
pourin’ this diet Pepsi. Been drinkin’ my water, doin’ so good. Let the diet Pepsi comments come, I know. But anyway, this is my momma
treat on the way out the door. So, this dough here, here it is in the Breadman bread machine. And then here’s the
dough in the thrift store and see how that’s a
nice little ball there? That’s usually how the exclusively whole wheat flour turns out. So we’re continuing this. I may add an addition to my recipe. See, usually I do a mix of all purpose and whole wheat flour or
just whole wheat flour. I haven’t done too many
all purpose flours except for this cooking time this weekend ’cause I had some extra bags of it from other baking that we’ve done. Yeah, look for that recipe update. So it’s another day,
it’s another continuing this big batch freezer cookin’ of all this homemade pizza dough. I just shoved this bowl in
the refrigerator last night when we got back from TaeKwonDo. Obviously didn’t get back to it today. We’ve got lots of jobs
and things goin’ on today. Tonight is the kids last night
of dance for the entire year. Recital’s comin’ up this weekend
so we’re checkin’ that box. We finished it, yay. So I’m gonna get all this
bread wrapped up now. My bread little bread machine
pans and cups and such are in the dishwasher currently. When they come out I’m gonna get some more bread going this afternoon and on through the evening
and we’ll see how far I get. (upbeat music) Just got this bowl washed that
the dough sat over night in. The bread machine pans
and my cups and such, waitin’ for those. When they’re out of the dishwasher I’m gonna get this
crankin’ again for today. Today’s Tuesday. Since Saturday when I started this, I’ve made a total of 16 pizza dough balls. My family has eaten eight of them and we have eight of them in the freezer because I gave the kids two on Saturday, and I gave them two on Sunday and then yesterday we had friends over and I made the equivalent of four because I did that sheet pan one. Eight in the freezer but
we’re gonna get to 20. So that means I need to make 12 more and I need to stop feeding
my family pizza now. So (laughs), no more pizza guys. We’re doin’ other things. Okay this is it. It’s Wednesday. Started this little how
many rolls of pizza dough can I get in the freezer on Saturday. Gettin’ ready to roll up the
last of these dough balls and I’ll show them to
you on the freezer shelf and then we’re headin’ to the lake. Okay so the kids are
gettin’ loaded in the van. I got this very few minutes to do my last, my pizza dough math. So what I’ve done total over the last five days is 21 pizzas. Now you know I don’t have
21 pizzas in my freezer. I think I’ve got 13. We’ll count here. So Saturday we did two. Sunday we did two. Monday we did four. So that’s eight. Of course none of that got in the freezer. Everything I kept makin’
we kept usin’ for meals. So between yesterday,
Tuesday and today, Wednesday, I have not fed my family pizza and over the course of these two days I’ve gotten dough for 13
large pizzas in my freezer. And I wanna say this GE (laughs), look, poison control hotline,
GE black refrigerator has been in our family
for over 20 years now, this is from Travis and I’s
first house, so there you go. Still goin’ strong. Okay, freezer time. So, I’ve got three large
pizzas in this bag, three in this bag, three up here, and then there’s actually four in this bag because I ran out of
my gallon freezer bags. This is a two gallon bag. So I’ve just got two in a row. There you go. And you know me, I’ve
mentioned it so many times. I wanted 20! 20 pizzas in the freezer
and I could keep goin’ but I’m gonna call it quits. So I hope this encourages you that you can just keep the bread machines goin’ and get various projects
slowly pulled together. I have not had any big like
all day total seven a.m. seven p.m. or four p.m.
to one a.m. or however I do it freezer cookin’ times but over the last few weeks I’ve
been pickin’ different little cookin’ projects
like whenever I baked all that blueberry bread and now whenever I did these pizzas and I’ve been workin’ on getting baked goods in the freezer for as we need ’em over this summer. So, now we’re off to the lake. The recipe for my different variations of making homemade pizza
dough in the bread machines will be down in that description below. I will chat with you in the comments. I will keep wearin’ this hate (laughs) and I’ll talk to you next time
with another brand new video. Buh bye.

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    Well, enough of my long story. I'll give you a break, until I say hello in my next comment to you Miss Jamerrill. I love you so much, and I think you are such a cute little adorable lady, and I never could "fill your shoes", when it comes to Godliness, being the perfect mother, wife, and a hard worker in this life! You definitely are not idle!

  23. you make me want to dust the bread maker off around this house and put it to use again… I am vegan but I still love a good flat bread loaded with lots of veggies and no cheese and sometimes I will splurge and get some expensive vegan "cheese" replacement too … and the family eats cheese so they would love love love it if I kept pizza dough on hand and cooked pizza more often.. we have a blended family so I cook for hubby and myself, my parents and my teenage nephew so everyone loves pizza for sure… your videos are always inspirational for helping me cook for a big group and we are only half the crowd of your household but I still love watching all of your great batch cooking ideas!

  24. I made your bread machine pizza dough for dinner tonight on the grill and it turned out amazing. Everyone loved it. I will be making some for the freezer. Thank you for sharing.

  25. I volunteer at a community center where twice a week we feed 18-25 and boy is it a challenge. We have limited funds so your freezer meals look very appealing!

  26. Love watching you so much jamerill..wish we could swop recipes etc would be such fun 😀 keep updating us with your family videos. Your so helpful.i made your keilbassa casserole for my family and they loved it, it was so tasty that nothing was left on their plates 🤣 take care and have a wonderful Sunday. X X

  27. From the below comment. Yeeehaaah!!! I did the lavish bread pizza and it's amazing. We love it. Winner for my whole family and low carb😀

  28. Why did I not think to use my lavash for momma pizzas. 🙈 HAHAHA!!!! And… Diet Pepsi comments. I saw it coming when you grabbed the 2 liter. 🤣🤣🤣 I love your sun hat!! So pretty!

  29. I have the same issue when making fresh dough products – breads, pizza, etc… it is so hard to stockpile any of them because we eat them up so quickly. Yes, I'm a spicy pizza momma 💙

  30. I've used alot of different flours in my pizza making (I do no – knead & standmixer pizza doughs) & I've found that bread flour makes the best crust – King Arthur Bread flour is my favorite, but in a pinch I just add some vital wheat gluten to all purpose to make bread flour.

  31. Watching Benjamin "help" you reminds me of when I was little and "helped" my mom make indian fry bread. 😍

  32. I think I remember you getting those bread machines. I've been watching you since Daniel was a wee babe.

  33. Hey Jamerrill so this all purpose dough is SUPER sticky but when I see your video it looks less sticky. Do you think it might require more or less of something for me? I have a Breadmachine. I mean when I pull it out a lot sticks on my hands and whatever it touches.

  34. I could just give you the biggest bear hug for inspiring me to make pizza dough because we've been eating these all week! I won't ever buy frozen pizza again!

  35. I didn’t have a bread machine until now. I went looking but decided to check my local urban mission and got a brand new one for 13.00! I’ll be looking at all of your bread machine videos!

  36. you could get about 2 pizzas out of every dough ball you got there. once its rolled out if you pick it up and start stretch it you can get it thinner and it will go further

  37. If you roll out your dough and it keeps springing back at you, let it rest 10 minutes and come back to it. When you keep fighting it, you get wonky shaped dough. Also, check out artisan bread in 5 minutes. Get yourself a big pot, mix up the dough with a big ole spoon, let the stuff sit on your counter, then plop it in the fridge. Done. One pot, 5 minutes, roll it out when you get around to it. Like between now and the next 5 days.

  38. hey 😁 love your videos! a quick tips for pizza I recently learned. instead of using flour to roll it out after it rises, use some nonstick spray! it doesn't pull back so much and is so much easier to get to fit on your pan perfectly!

  39. I'm curious what the cost per pizza is? It looks like a lot of work, but even frozen pizzas are getting ridiculous price wise. Love your videos.

  40. Bless you! I can't thank you enough for the pizza dough recipe. I made this tonight and my 3 kids LOVED it! ❤❤ the only pizza they would eat before was papa John's so this is an amazing find

  41. Im new and i dont have a bread machine and wanted to know if you have a homemade pizza dough by hand recipe thanks

  42. I just love it that you don't take yourself too seriously. You're a lovely looking woman with or without makeup but you're not afraid to be seen in your jammies with no makeup on. You are a truly lovely family

  43. i find it very interesting how different culture cook/eat/prepare meals. i have never had a freezer meal in my life, theres nothing wrong with freezer meals just been brought up differently that fresh food is best. best to eat fruits and vegetables and cook your meals fresh… i dont know if i will ever be doing meal prep like this but i can see why it might be handy sometimes…

  44. I don't know if this has been covered somewhere yet but when you take the dough OUT of the freezer to use and cook, do you defrost it or microwave defrost or use frozen I have no idea? how do you go about using it?

  45. You are a life saver! Literally! Recently been put into a situation where my cash flow has diminished quite a bit and I still need to pay bills and feed my kids… A little bit of $ spent in aluminum pans and effort put into cooking and my kids are fed and bills are paid. Your videos have helped me accomplish this. You are an Angel!

  46. Have you tried white wheat flour? It is white whole wheat and does not taste as strong as whole wheat. King Arthur makes one that is very good. I think Walmart has some also.

  47. I have 11 siblings + mom and dad so a total of 14 people.( -2 because they moved out) but when we get pizza, we get 4 large pizzas that way everyone gets 2 pieces

  48. yummm! Now I want pizza! I really should pre-make pizza dough more often with how much we eat it!

  49. I ended up adding another 1/2 when the machine was doing the final kneading. That seemed to work as well as adding it when you take it out. Also I love your recipe!

  50. Amazing videos! Love your techniques and your wonderful personality! You have given me some great ideas! I do have one question, though….why do you not have your own TV show?

  51. I am a new subscriber after hearing Sarah (@ourtribeofmany) speak about your channel several times – although I followed you for homeschooling several years ago. Loving your channel! xo

  52. I can't believe we're the same age…Making humans seems daunting. I appreciate the privilege of seeing how things so drastically different from what I know, work.

  53. I've seen your video in thrift stores checking out bread machines. Maybe just buy one more machine to expedite your bread pizza dough making. It looks delicious. Mine turns out too hard and help me if I decide to do it when it rains, it never turns out. Yours are perfect. I don't know what the secret it but looks good to me.

  54. To add to your pro-homemade pizza tips… a 64 cent can of tomato paste can be put into a sauce pan, then add as much water as you need to thin it out to pizza sauce consistency. Add whatever spices you like. I do garlic of some sort (fresh, crushed, or powdered) dried basil, oregano (can use all in one mix's) salt sugar, and some red chilis until the flavor is where I like it. If I have Tanjin (mexican spice containing chilis, salt, and citric acid) Ill use that too. Makes a a small mason jar sized quantity per tiny little paste sized can which when used on pizza dough comes out to probably 4-5 big pizzas unless you go really thick with it.

    The one thing I can NOT do is freeze homemade yeast dough. No idea why, maybe my freezer freezes to hard, but the yeast always dies when I do. Wish I knew your secret there but no one on the cooking boards Iv read can seem to explain why it works for some people but not others. When I try to thaw it out either on the countertop or fridge overnight its just dead, dead dead dead. It will not wake up and 'rise again' lol. So instead I make the pizza, go ahead and bake it, then freeze. I heat the oven to 375 when we are ready to eat and just reheat it gently that way with a little extra cheese on top so I can see when that melts that its ready to go.

    I absolutely am a spicy pizza dough mama! Love my jalapenos on it, I also like some pineapple on mine too though, I know, evil pineapple!

  55. I've got to make some homemade pizzas for my family. Loved the part with sweet Benjamin! Reminds me of when my boys were that age.

  56. Love your videos, think your doing pizza crust the hard way though. I don't use the whole wheat flours anymore, but for white flour pizza dough there is a much easier way. I don't measure either, I dump some flour in a bowl add some yeast and a bit of sugar (herbs if we are in the mood) mix to blend (a few quick flips with a spoon), Add enough warm water to form a dough. I do not let it sit or rise, just divide into 2 roll it out (I use 2 large sheet pans ,like yours) pray pans with non stick spray, put dough on pan trim edges then roll dough to create a crust and it fills the entire pan. I will rise enough while you top it. We brush the entire crust with olive oil (this gives it the pizzarea look when done), add sauce and all the toppings then bake. I bake mine one at a time, they turn out better. The crust rises fine in the cooking process. I can start to finish do 2 large pizzas including baking time and clean up in a hour. I am raising two grandsons tens that each can eat a whole sheet pan pizza and we pile the toppings up pretty thick. It usually works out perfect with no dough left over, but once in awhile we leave out the herbs and make a larger batch which turns into cinnamon rolls super easy and has breakfast predone. Thank you for all your videos! For those new to cooking bread needs very little ingredients to be good, but if you want it to last (shelf life) you will need to add at least a tablespoon of olive oil to the dough. Thank you again for your videos.

  57. I wonder if the dry yeast we have in my country is way more active than the one in the us. It takes me 45 minutes to make dough for 4 large sheet pan pizzas. The dough double in size in half an hour .
    I just mix water yeast salt and flour in a large baking bowl, no kneading.
    Let it rise to double size.
    Put oil on the sheet pan and on my hands and just press the dough out in the pan.
    It’s a very sticky dough and makes for the fluffiest most delicious pizza crust😊 I sometimes use garlic oil and that makes the crust even better!

  58. Love your videos. I've always heard it pronounced laVosh bread. Webster's dictionary online seems to say it that way too
    Yummy stuff. Good idea to do pizza with it.

  59. I have a family of 4 but I’m watching these large family cooking videos pretty much every day because I just love you.

  60. I use BEST FOR BREAD Robin Hood flour for my pizza dough. I luv that flour. What kind of yeast do you use? For bread machine or not? I luv watching you. S9me of the things you say cracks me up. Keep up the great work.

  61. Great tips J – you are so positive, it is influencing me in a good way! I’m not thinking so much about “don’t haves”, now I work it out with what I have available! Thanks!

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