🌈 How to make Rainbow Cookies!

– Hey, guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine. – And Jenna. – I am so excited, because
in this video today, I am going to be baking you the
most fantastic cookie recipe that you are ever, ever gonna see. – Has anyone seen your videos? It’s never that good. Which means that on my channel I’m gonna be cooking a better cookie. – So, National Cookie Day
is right around the corner, on December 4th, and to
celebrate, we are participating in the first annual
Holiday Cookie Jam bake-off – I’m gonna win, this is great. I already know it. – Whoever wins this competition
gets their cookie recipe that they made in their video in the game. And I am so excited,
because these cookies look absolutely incredible,
they’re inspired by the game. If you guys wanna vote for
our cookies you can head over to Facebook.com/playcookiejam
and you can also download Cookie Jam
on the Google Play store or the App store, it’s free, and you don’t even need wifi to play. But what you do need
wifi to do is to watch this baking video and vote for my cookies. – My cookies, my cookies. – And can you guys imagine
how incredible this would be to see my little cookie right here alongside all these other cookies. Anyway, let’s start baking. Today we are going to be
making Rainbow Sugar Cookies with chocolate frosting,
and I’m going with the chocolate frosting to kinda
play off the Cookie Jam logo. Much like the rainbow
cake that I did before, the chocolate frosting and
the rainbow and I’m hoping that it’ll tie it all together, and that’ll entice you
guys to vote for me. Please, please. I thought we would use
the pink mixer today. Playing off of the
rainbow theme I also have my wonderful rainbow, would
you like me to stop moving so you can focus? (laughs) I’ve got my beautiful rainbow Apple Watch. It’s actually, it’s too big for my current 38 millimeter
watch, but that’s okay. I’m still wearing it anyway. So for the cookies we’re gonna need one cup unsalted butter, one
cup granulated white sugar, one teaspoon vanilla extract, half a teaspoon almond
extract, one egg, no! Shoot! Two teaspoons baking powder,
three cups all purpose flour. All right, well, now that we
have all of our ingredients, let’s assemble this hot mess
and get these cookies started. This is kind of softened,
but I feel like I might need to make it a little bit
more warm, so I’m gonna pop these in the microwave and then we’re going to cream the
sugar and the butter together. I think that’s good enough. Looks good to me. Oof, wowee. And we’ve got our sugar. Put that in, just like so. And let’s start mixing this up. I didn’t plug it in. Make sure you always lock your mixer, if you guys don’t, you should. ‘Cause I’ve made some mistakes before. Hurry up, hurry up! Okay, okay, okay, you just turn down. Gotta make sure this
is all mixed in there, everything’s off the bottom. So next we’re gonna beat in
the eggs and the extracts. Now we’ve got our butter
and sugar mixture, we’re going to work on
our dry ingredients. You need two teaspoons of baking powder. I guess I’ll just mix this in with this. This works, oh, no! Now we’re going to slowly
mix in our dry ingredients into the butter mixture very, very slowly. Here we go! Super exciting. Oh, yeah, this is getting somewhere now. So now we have our dough ready,
we’re gonna portion this out into six different little
sections, and then we’re gonna take each of
those portions and we’re going to dye them different colors. So let’s get out some saran wrap and we’re gonna portion this out. I’m concerned that this
might not be enough, but I guess we can just see what happens. If you need more, you can
always make double this recipe. Come here, little dough. Go to your home. Wonder what this tastes like. Mm, wow, I think I put too
much almond extract in. But I like almonds, so this is good. (squeals) Wowee, mm, definitely gonna win. Don’t forget to vote for my cookie at Facebook.com/playcookiejam. All right, let’s portion this sucker out. A little bit of you, a little more of you. This looks like a little
dinosaur, look at him Wow! So first color I’m gonna
do is purple because, why? It’s one of my favorite colors. I’m just gonna jam that in there. And this dye is, wow, it’s powerful. Just drop some of that in there. There it goes! It looks perfect. Like, look at that,
that’s all I had to do. So now we go through, we have
to dye the rest of these, and, you know, what, I just
need to lighten the mood a little bit, I need to
feel a little bit better about what I’m gonna do,
because this takes a lot of time, because every time I do a color, I then have to freaking
reset because I don’t want to mix in the other dough colors,
so, gosh, the struggle. Maybe I should just quit
YouTube and just start juggling. Okay, let’s roll. Get in there. Go, little guy, go. So now we have our dough all colored. I’m marking off some
parchment paper so I know the size of the dough to roll,
this’ll make sense in a second. Please hold. So now we’re gonna be
rolling the dough on top of a fresh piece of parchment
paper, ’cause you don’t want to be rolling dough directly onto Sharpie, ’cause I’m not sure if you
guys realize this or not, but Sharpie’s no edible, surprise. So, you can see pretty clearly our little square that we’ve got marked off, you can basically make this any size. But since the dough that I
rolled out wasn’t very much I don’t want to make it
too big or I will run out. We need to make an egg wash. Now, I googled this, because
I didn’t know what it was. And we’re gonna be putting the egg white between each color, so
that’ll kinda help it all stick together when it bakes. So now we need an egg white. So we’re gonna put all the egg whites in here with a very touch of water. Get yourself a baking pan like this. I’m gonna line it with some
parchment paper as well. So the first color we’re
gonna do is our red. So we’re basically gonna be rolling it out to be about the size of this. Okay, so this looks like
it would fit in the square, and now we’re just gonna be
cutting along these lines. So I left the the lines
a little bit longer, so you can just kinda cut along those. Just like so. And that’ll give you a
nice even little triangle. This isn’t a triangle. So we’ve got a rectangle
here, and now we’re gonna be placing this over here,
and then we’re basically gonna be repeating this five other times. Which is, wow, doesn’t
that sound like fun. Flip it over. Plop it down. So I’d recommend kind of,
like, cleaning this off between each one because some of the color may transfer onto the other color, and that’s something that you do not want. So the next color we’re gonna do is the, I guess, gold orange-ish color. Get this square all molted up. (light music) Now before we put this
onto here we’re gonna put that little egg white wash on top of it. Mmkay, you’re just gonna kind of brush it on real nice, real nice. Now we just put this, oh, god, no, no, no, no! Don’t do it, don’t you break, don’t break on me, buddy, you can do it! Gotta be very careful. Everything looks good, and we’re basically gonna be going through this whole process and layering all of these colors
on top of this little guy. And I’m gonna just press
it down just a little bit. There you go. Kay, now we’re gonna repeat
this process four more times. So, let’s go. (intense music) It looks so great, like, I am so excited. I’m gonna press this
down just a little bit to get ’em all, kinda, sorta,
you know, making friends. Make friends. You guys are gonna be
spending some time together. Would you take a look at this? So I put this in the fridge
for about 30 minutes to an hour while I’m making the
icing, and then I’m gonna cut this in half and put
this half on top of this half so that we can make even more cookies out of this little slab. Just, can I. I drank my herbal latte,
I’m gonna clean up, and then we’re gonna start the icing, so one, two, three, clean. Now it’s time to make our icing. This is a pretty simple recipe,
I’ve never made it before, it looks simple, so it could
potentially be difficult. I don’t know. First we’re gonna start
with our unsalted butter, we need a cup, which is two
sticks, if you didn’t know. So we beat the butter on
medium speed until creamy. It says approximately two
minutes, but we’ll see. Maybe that’ll cut down on the speed, we can do it for one minute. Whoa! I think I’m gonna turn down for, for what. For the next ingredients. We’ve got cocoa, heavy cream,
this is a lot of stuff. I just don’t know how this
is all gonna work out. Let’s just start dumping. No, it said slow, I can’t mess this up. I’ve one job, literally one job. I’m just staring at it just waiting, waiting patiently for something to happen. Let’s put in the rest of this cream. Wow, look at this! This is great. Mixing. I think our icing’s done. Wow there’s a lot of stuff in here. I usually just use store
bought icing, but I thought today I’m gonna really class it up, ’cause I’m really gunning for
your votes in this contest. So I want you guys to be real proud of me for doing it all by myself. Okay, we’ll set the icing off to the side. Let’s take a look and see
how the cookies are doing. Our slab has been cooling for about, I’d say, probably an hour or so. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna cut this in half and I’m gonna place this
top half onto this half, so that’ll give us a
lot more to work with. Like, take a look at that. Look how great it is, wow. So now we’re gonna place
that on top of here, I lost my thing, so
I’m just gonna do that. Don’t worry, I wash my hands so many times that, like, my hands are cracking. Gonna get this as even as possible. It look beautiful. So here’s the rough part, is that it’s not exactly even, so I’m gonna kinda just cut this all off to make it nice and even. Just so sad. So we’re basically gonna
be just, like, cutting out the center of this, so I can
probably do a bigger one. Ooh, yes, look at that. Now’s the magic. So what we’re gonna be doing
is we’re gonna be cutting a very small little slice
of this, and that’s what we’re gonna be using for
the template of the cookie. So, we slice this, it creates
a nice little rainbow effect, we use this and we do this and then voila. Follow along at home. This is a very, very simple thing, I definitely encourage you to try this. Don’t overdo it. First cut is, is it the deepest, I think? I think that’s how the song goes. (exclaims) Our first layer! So here’s our first slab,
we’re basically just gonna keep repeating this until
we don’t have any more left. One single cookie. (mystical music) We have four cookies. Four. Can’t believe this. This is a lot of effort for
very, very little reward. It’s like life. Ten cookies and this took
me, like, like, five hours. So I think I’m gonna cook these for about, like, eight to 10 minutes? Alexa, set a timer for eight minutes. We’re gonna let those
bake and then we’re gonna ice them up and hope that
everything works out well. I can’t believe how much time that took. So we’ve got our icing, we’ve
got our cookies in the oven, everything is actually going
very, very well and very according to plan, so I’m quite
surprised and also nervous. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna prep for the icing. I’m gonna put it in an icing
bag ’cause I kind of want it to look as good as possible. Oh no, it’s coming out of the side, huh. Well, I’ll have some of that. Okay, we’re taking ’em out now, I can’t chance this, I can’t chance this. Alexa, stop. This is my life’s legacy. A cookie jam. (laughs) These look so great, I’m so happy. Here are the rainbow cookies. Now we’re gonna fill these
things with our homemade chocolate icing and we’re gonna
make some cookie sandwiches. This is it, this is everything, this is, I think I need to put more icing in it. But, it’s a good start,
this is a good start. I’m into it, I’m real into it. Okay, next one, we are gonna
get five whole cookies. That’s a lot of icing, oh my goodness. Good, here we go, here we go. I’m hyped, man, I’m hyped. This is what the hype train looks like. Choo choo, baby. How is anyone ever gonna
be able to eat this? Like, there’s no way. Let’s see, which one will I try? I think I will try this
one, he’s a little guy. That is very chocolatey. Oh my gosh, the only thing
that would make me happier is if I could eat this cookie
while playing Cookie Jam while my cookie is in the game. I feel like that’s some
crazy Inception nonsense. All right, I’m gonna go. Let me know what you
guys think of my cookies, leave me some comments below
and let me know if there’s anything else that you guys
would like to see me bake. Don’t forget you can check out Cookie Jam in the app store or in
the Google Play store, I’ll put all of the
links in the description. And of course a link where
you can vote for my cookie. I’m gonna go finish this cookie in peace while I play my game. Peace. Can you just come here and
give it a little sniff? – [Jenna] No, it’s the competitor’s. – Come sniff the competitor. Come sniff the competition, baby. – Would have looked
better with white icing. – Oh, no! You gonna try it? – [Jenna] Yeah. (upbeat music)

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