वाटीत बनवा वाटी केक | Wati cake Marathi | Perfect Bakery Style Cake | MadhurasRecipe | Ep – 330

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make wati cake today. The speciality of the cake is it is eggless and we are making it in cooker. There is no need of any store bought mould. We are making this wati cake in a steel katori that is available in your pantry. Let’s see the ingredients first. 100 gm butter that is at room temperature. Use soft butter. Take it out of freeze for about 3-4 hours the recipe so that it becomes nice and soft. 1 1/2 cup maida, 1/2 cup sugar, blended a little in mixer, 1/2 cup milk powder, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder, vanilla essence and melon seeds. We have to make a little preparation before making batter. Preheat the cooker. Take cooker. Use can use a pan or a pot instead of cooker. It is not compulsory to use cooker only. You can use thick bottom pan or pot too. As always give a layer of salt at the base of the cooker. You can use baking soda instead of salt. Specially if you are using aluminium cooker or pan or pot then give a layer of baking soda. So that the cake will be ready and the base of the cooker also will be cleaned. The only thing is when cake is ready take it out And pour hot water in hot cooker or pot and boil it. You will get shiny and clean base of cooker or pot. Put a pot in the cooker. Take the lid, remove the ring and whistle, close the lid and preheat the cooker on medium heat. Preheat on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Cooker is preheting. Let’s make batter now. Take soft butter that is at room temperature. Take butter out of freeze 2-3 hours before making cake. So that it becomes nice and soft. Add powdered sugar and beat it really good. Mix well. Beat sugar and butter for about 4-5 minutes. After this add milk powder. This cake tastes exactly same as we get in market or in bakery. We need a little more ingredients. But it gets nice taste, texture and consistency. After mixing milk powder add milk. Add a little milk at a time and mix well. Do not add all the milk at a time. Add a little milk at a time. We need milk that is at room temperature. Do not use cold milk. Milk and butter should not remain separated. That’s why we are adding a little milk at a time and mixing it. When the milk is about to be mixed well add vanilla essence and mix well once. You can use hand blender too. Add maida now. Add baking soda and baking powder in maida and mix well. Sieve maida into mixture. Mix everything well together once more. Do not over mix mixture. Fold the mixture with spoon and cut it at centre. This is known as fold and cut. You can see the consistency. The batter is nice and smooth. It is not compulsory to make wati cake only. You also can make regular sponge cake using this batter. I have taken simple steel katoris that are available in home. You can use katori of any shape. I have a little deep and tall katori. So I am using these katoris. Add batter in it. I have greased these katoris well with lots of oil so that the batter won’t stick to it. And we can take the cake out easily. Fill the batter in katoris and spread it well. Do not fill the katori completely. Fill it half as this cake rises really good. It puffs up well. Tap the katoris well to remove the qair bubbles if any. If katori is not well tapped, then cake gets baked. When it cools down it gets pressed at intervals. To avoid that whenever you make any cake then tap the batter tin well always. Add few melon seeds for garnishing. You also can use almond slices, pieces of cashew nuts instead of melon seeds. I have preheated cooker for 10 minutes. Put a dish on the pot. Place the cupcake or wati cake katoris on that dish. Close the lid, And bake the cake on medium heat for about 15-20 minutes. I have baked wati cakes in medium heat for 25 minutes. Turned off the gas and removed the cooker from it. Keep the cup cakes in closed cooker for another 10 minutes. I had kept the wati cake in cooker for another 10 minutes. Let’s check now. Each n every cake has puffed up well. Risen well. katori was half filled when we added the batter. But it has puffed up well and filled the katori completely. Let’s take it out. I will take 1 wati cake. Do not make any haste to take it out as we are using steel katoris. So cake may stick a little. Take a knife and run it alond the edges from all sides. The wati cake must be well loosened. Now let’s take it out. Turn the katori well from all sides. It has got perfect texture same as we get in bakery. You can see the color. It has got nice color and fantastic texture. Wati cake comes out same as we get in bakery. Hit the like button if you like this video. Do not forget to subscribe and comment. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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  1. Hello tai tumchya recipes khupach chhan astat mi try sudhha karte mla ek confusion aahe ki butter evji tup use karayach asal tar tup kity ghyav

  2. hi Madhura .mala na cake war je icing karato na apan. doll cake war je patal sar asate Jase pahije tas fold karata yete .clye sarkh .te Kay asate Ani kas banavave te sang plz..plz

  3. टरबूज यांच्या बिया वापराने जरूरी आहे पण कप केक छान दिसतयो मस्त ???

  4. सुंदर झालाय..वाटी केक…खूपच छान फुललाय…धन्यवाद मधूरा….

  5. नमस्कार ताई मी आज तुमच्या रेसिपीने केक बनवला परफेक्ट जमला व मी बर्‍याच रेसिपी पाहते आणि वापरते पण . धन्यवाद

  6. Hello mam….receipe was awesome…thankss 4dat…bt i hv a question…tumchye almost 5-7type che cake mi try kele bt fkt mawa cake n this wati cake yachich taste same bakery sarkhi aahe as ka??baakiche sgle cake pn spongy etc sgl chan hot bt taste nste chan as ka??…n mg bakery mdhe kaii milk powder/mawa naii use krnar cz its nt affordble for bussiness purpose..mg tyanche cakes itke tasty kse hotat??..n m talking ab only eggless haa..

  7. खूप मस्त. गव्हाच्या पिठाचे कप केक करता येतील का??

  8. Mam mala tumcha Kaduna guidance have hote mala tiffin chalu kary che (mase) only poli bazi 1tiffin la kitty passy gau please advice day (mi sapna Vadnere)

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