मावा केक – Mawa Cake | मावा केक बनवण्याची पद्धत । Easy Bakery Style Mawa Cake Recipe By Archana

From children to grown-ups all like to
have ‘Cake’, specially ‘Mawa Cake’. So today I’ll be showing you’ll how
to make Mawa Cake at home. So let’s begin. For Mawa Cake we’re using 100 gms Butter. It’s okay to make it with Ghee, When we use Butter, the cake becomes
moist and it easier to swallow. Next is 100 gms Powdered Sugar. 2 Eggs. We will now beat it for 5 minutes,
with the blender. 5 minutes are up! Now
we’ll make another batter. In this, I have taken 100 gms
All purpose flour. Then, 1/2 tsp Baking Soda. And 100 gms Mawa (Whole Dried Milk). We will now mix all this together, because.. ..If you add these ingredients separately,
the Mawa settles at the bottom. That is why I have mixed them together. We’ll now add in this mixer, in here. This Mawa cake is really easy to make. And we’ll mix all this together. Now the consistency is now thick. So we will add in 1/2 cup Milk. We had taken lukewarm Milk. We’ll mix it again! We want this consistency of the batter. I’ll show you’ll again, means not
very thin nor very thick. We’ll add in 1/2 tsp
Green Cardamom Powder. You can also add Vanilla Essence. Here I have taken a cake tin and
have put a butter paper. The cake doesn’t stick to the tin
because of the butter paper. We’ll add in the mixture here. We will spread it nicely. And later we have to tap the tin in this
way so the batter sets in well. I have pre heated the Oven
at 180 degree Celsius for 5 minutes, And I’ll keep this cake to bake now. And we will bake it for 25 minutes. Now I am putting inside. The Cake is ready. We’ll take the butter paper off. The cake is hot! Now let this cool down, so we’ll wait
for sometime and then cut it. It’s been 10 minutes, the cake as cooled
down a well. We’ll now cut it. The month of December has begun and
Christmas is round the corner. So do try this cake and let me
know in the comment section, And Like, Share and Subscribe
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