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Hello everyone, welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Sonali. Normally the backdrop you see me in, I am not there today. Today I am come to a different place. Today with me I have Amey Wagh. Means “Nachiket” from the movie “Girlfriend”
-Hi! Always you have a different backdrop, a different kitchen I know. But how do you like this decoration done by me today? It’s really beautiful. And it’s looking really romantic and nice. Isn’t it?
-Absolutely! That heart balloon…
-Yes? That’s not a balloon, it’s my actually
My heart. I have put it up there. So please do not put a pin there.
-No, no not at all. I have got Alisha, my girlfriend, with lots of difficulties. You have heard me saying this all
the time that I want a girlfriend.. ..so finally I have one. So thought of planning a surprise for her. And I watch your show regularly, so
thought if I could get some tips from you. To surprise her, if I get to learn something it’ll be great. Okay so now tell me… How is your girlfriend actually? Like what do you like in her? So I will try to incorporate that in our today’s recipe. What do I like about me girlfriend? How long is this show? You tell us in short and sweet…
-Short and sweet, just like me? I’ll tell that way. If I have to say about her… I’ll tell you the truth. Alisha has a different kind of a confidence in her eyes. Her hair is also unclipped most of the time, I like that too. If you talk about her dressing sense.. Pink is her favourite colour, that is
why even I am wearing Pink today. We keep twinning most of the time. And if you see, there’s a lot of pink here too So actually… As i told you sometime back.. Alisha is cute that way but there’s a little spice in her behaviour. Hi Alisha, hello!
-Hi! Wow!
-Nachiket has done all this for you. How’s it looking?
-Very pretty. Thank you, Nachu.
-You liked it. Thank you, I liked it so much.
-She liked it. So how let’s impress her with this as well
-Yeah, Alisha actually I know you like Pizza. You like junk food a lot. So for you specially, with the help of Sonali I’ll be making Pizza
_-How sweet. Yes, will be making bread pizza.
-Thank you! So let’s begin Generally the toppings we use on a pizza we’ll mix that
-Okay! So I have kept it very simple.
No fuss. We will use all that is available at home So we have taken Onion…
-Should I come that side? Because I want to do this. Alisha all this is for you.
-Yes, yes please. Please. So tell me what to do?
-So this is the onion… Okay? So we’ll be adding Onion…
-Alisha is it okay with you if I eat Onion? Even I like Onion. So here we’ll take 1 onion, just chop it roughly. So this is 1 Tomato, we’ve removed
it’s seeds so it doesn’t become soggy. I am a little messy with my nature. So what Next? So we have taken 1 Capsicum
-Okay! If you’ll don’t like this, you’ll can also add those colourful ones
-No, this is also good. So again, we need it to be spicy, so we’ll add chilli flakes. Little?
-If I need more I’ll take it. So this we’ve taken 1 tsp
-Okay! Now we’ll add Pepper powder. This is 1/2 tsp. It is already?
-Yes! Put all of it. Next is the Pizza seasoning that we use.
-Yes! The whole thing?
-Yes! This is again 1 tsp. Even if it’s a little more it’s alright,
because it gives the pizza flavour. And this is Oregano. The pizza
doesn’t taste good without this so yes… So this is 1/2 tsp. Add all of that. Now next we’ll add oil.
-Enough! enough… Okay done! You are making for her, so if she
says enough you should stop. So now we have to mix all this. With this?
-Yes! Can I mix it? I also want to help Nachu.
-Sure why not? We’ll have a chat till then.
-So you tell about your movie. Okay so from where should I start? Everyone who comes here might be saying
“Our movie is good”, “it’s a nice family film” “We had a lot of fun on the sets” So i just want to say that we didn’t have an
lot of fun on the set, since we went for work. But looking at you’ll doesn’t look
like you’ll did something seriously. I had to do it because she was in the film. So when you have an actress of a higher level
working with you, you have to work seriously. So it has been mixed.
-Okay! So we’ve mixed this.
-Yes So we’ll keep this aside okay? So now our topping is ready. So now we’ll take the bread. So acting is my bread and
butter and we have both. So what do we have to do ahead? So now we have to put the mixture we just made. So now… We’ll put Ketchup to it.
-Okay. I know how to do this. Because I remember, when mom used to
not be at home, this was a regular snack. Enough, or the bread will become soft. Okay?
-Yes, enough. Then?
-Now we’ll put this. So put it with my hand?
-No, use the spoon. Okay with the spoon. But we have to spread this, not a make a mountain.
-No I’ll do it properly, I’ll spread it well. Have a look Cove the whole thing.
-Like this okay? Yes, perfect Look add here.
-Here it is empty. Okay, that’s it. Now what ahead?
-Okay, now we’ll keep this aside. And now we have to add mozzarella Without mozzarella, you do not get the actual taste. Alisha doesn’t really like cheesy talks
but maybe she’ll like mozzarella. We’ll spread this nicely everywhere. I like this, Sonali knows that I am making a mistake.. ..but she gives the instructions very politely. Means you are making a mistake but now you do that properly. She’s saying this…
-No one is born a cook. No one here…
-We learn through practise. Exactly! I had many disasters too, so we make mistakes and learn.
-I know, I know! But my front phase isn’t coming
-Oh! Okay. I am stuck with the disasters only.
-It’ll come. Is this okay?
-Yes this is fine. Perfect! Alisha please get tissue paper. Nachu… Tissues Nachu! So next? Okay so further what we’ll do is,
we’ll make this a little attractive. We’ll add some chilli flakes from top.
-Okay! So just little on top. It looks nice.
-Have a look. Yes! Can I draw a smiley of the Chilli Flakes?
-Of course. The smiley is easier to draw
if the ingredient is a liquid. The smiley is drawn. Should I drawn 2 eyes or will it become too much?
-No need, there is no space. Okay! This is perfect. One minute… We’ll make the eyes since he’s done it with so much love. Oh nice…
-Wow! I am telling you Alisha is very creative. Absolutely… Beautiful.
-The eyes are a little different but it’s okay. You have done it well. This is nice. So one is ready, so we’ll begin with that. We’ll turn on the flame, so… And we’ll keep it on low flame. So now we have to grill this. I have kept the pan to heat and also we have
kept on low flame so it becomes nice and crispy. So now we’ll brush some butter to it.
-Oh! So I have to butter it? I’ll butter it like I always do it to Nachu. Okay Alisha will do this. Put it in the middle. We’ll be placing the bread there. She’s very health conscious like that.
-Enough, we do not want more. Perfect. So this is done. Can you pick this up? Pick it up
properly and keep it in the middle. Means absolutely in the middle.
-Okay? Is this right? Yes, yes perfect. Now we’ll cover it. So that the cheese melts really well
and we have to do it on a low flame so.. ..so it melts slowly and the bread below becomes nice and crispy. So we’ll wait for a while till then we’ll have a chat. Sonali now this will take some time So till then I just want to tell you that
we are trying to impress Alisha. But what I think is, we should all have one defamer around us. So I have this close friend of mine, whose name is Aditya. So we basically have a circle of 3 friends, Me, Aditya and Sandy. So now we have included Alisha in our group too. But actually Kaveri, my friend Aditya’s wife. So she’s also become my friend by chance. But what I think is that, she’s a big critic. She finds faults in everything I do. But now I think, If she was here it would have better. Because how has this recipe really turned out
she could tell me and then Alisha could eat it. How’s that Alisha?
-Perfect! Hi!
-There she is, hi. Hi! Kaveri, how are you? I’m fine, how are you?
-I am good. I have planned this surprise for her and now…
-You might have done some mistake. Might have burnt something or have spoilt something.
-It’s become good. Was he able to? Did you taste it?
-No! I am sorry if he’s done anything
-Absolutely not! In fact he’s done all this, I was just telling him.
-Good, you could at least do something. Kaveri now what I feel is.. ..you stop behaving like the character and act like yourself.
-Yes! So Isha I think you should eat this 1st
so if something is wrong you can tell me Oh God! But I am sure it is good.
-So I am the guinea pig? So I think it’s become good because
it’s become under Sonali’s guidance. Okay so now I think it must
Have become. Let’s check it. Yes…
-Nice. Wow! Is that a smiley? Looks like?
-Yes, yes. Smiley is intact. So now it is ready. So will you remove.. ..I’ll take it out?
-Yes please. Till now everything went well
nothing should go wrong here Okay?
-Perfect! Keep it here. Sai Tamhankar doing something on Ruchkar Mejwani. I will watch the movie, “Girlfriend”. It’ll be at your theatres near
by on 26th July, right Sonali? Yes! Surely go and watch it. And do Subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani. Also do Like and Comment. And if someone trolls in the comments,
I’ll burnt this pizza and feed you, okay? And do watch our movie “Girlfriend”. Love you guys.
-Nachu, you’re the best.

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