Горячий шоколад ☆ Лучший рецепт шеф-кондитера ☆ Hot chocolate ☆ Готовим горячий шоколад (ENG Subs)

Hello friends! My name is Yura Volkov. I am a pastry chef. You are on my channel ChocoYamma, where we make sweets. As winter overtook us this year much earlier than usual, and even the first snow had already fallen, although it was only October 6th It was generally some kind of stress for all of us! How can we warm ourselves if not with hot chocolate? This wonderful drink that will not only warm you up, but also satisfy your hunger and thirst for sweets! Today I will show you how to cook the simplest version of hot chocolate. You can upgrade it – as you like! Hot chocolate goes well with freshly ground black pepper, with ginger and chili. Today I’ll make it very simple – I’ll add salt there. And this will play a key role in the taste of hot chocolate. So, see how it is done! First – look – we bring the milk to a boil. In a separate bowl, we mix salt, sugar and 2 yolks. Grind all this with a whisk. Just rub. We DO NOT whip it. Now we pour boiled milk here, and mix everything well. And then we pour everything back into the stewpan. We will brew this mixture on the stove – heating to 82-85 degrees. We put on the fire and, constantly stirring, brew up to 82-85 degrees. Pay attention – the fire should be weak so that the yolks do not cook. We just warm them up. You can see how the mass is thickening. This means that the yolks are brewed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a thermometer right now, but I can still check. This is done as follows: Take a spatula and draw with your finger. If the line is not covered up- This means thar the mixture is ready Our mixture is not ready yet. We continue to heat. Most importantly, make sure that the yolks do not curl, . But we do not need this at all. otherwise our hot chocolate will then taste like fried eggs and a loose texture Voils! The mass is ready& Now we need to pour it into the mixer bowl. In principle, it is possible without a mixer. You can do all this manually, but with the mixer texture of the drink will be much better. Pour chocolate into the hot mass and close the lid so that during whipping all this does not splash on the ace. Turn on the mixer and just mix everything until smooth. That-s it! Our hot chocolate is ready! It’s simple – we made hot chocolate and now we will try it. As for me, there is nothing better than hot chocolate to keep warm in the onset of cold weather! I really hope you like my recioe This is a very simple recipe that you can easily repeat at home. For this, nothing special is needed – a blender in which we whipped our drink, just makes our life a little easier. But you can do without it – just mix everything with a whisk or spatula or with a hand blender if you have one. A blender gust gives a smoother and creamier texture. I hope you enjoyed it. Like my video! Subscribe to the channel. Do not forget to leave comments And – do not freeze. Do not freeze in the cold that has come so quickly, warming yourself up with hot chocolate! Bye, bye!

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  1. А вы любите горячий шоколад? Или предпочитаете в холода пить какао? Айриш-кофе? Глинтвейн?
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  2. Только вчера мама нам делала горячий имбирный шоколад, очень вкусно!)

  3. Отличный и тёплый рецепт. На каком-то канале попадалось видео. где для густоты ещё крахмал добавляют.

  4. Юра, у вас потрясающие рецепты! Горячий шоколад в скором времени обязательно попробую

  5. Рецепт хороший. Но в ролике одни только крупные планы. Очень сложно смотреть.

  6. А что если не добавлять молока, а вместо этого использовать молочный шоколад? Так можно?

  7. А как насчет белого шоколада? Из него тоже получится?

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